What role is MOJO playing in journalism in the 21st century?

Mojo, or mobile journalism, is reshaping the way that journalists produce news stories.

It refers to the capturing and recording of stories on mobile devices and uploading them to the web. Mobile journalists are the producers and editors of their own content.

It is considered a form of citizen journalism, meaning that it can be performed by basically any average member of society. Why this may be the case, Mojo and its presence in the sphere of journalism still requires some degree of expertise and requires the same journalistic skills that are applied to the traditional models of news reporting.

While some journalists approach the concept of technology and journalism combining as dystopian, there are many positive aspects of mobile journalism and its rise in the 21st century.

Any journalist equipped with a smartphone and trained in Mojo offers a fresh and unique perspective to the world of journalism- each story has the potential to achieve much more than ever before.

Breaking news can be captured instantaneously and circulated to a global audience in mere seconds through the assistance of mobile journalism.

In a world where print circulation is diminishing quite rapidly, mobile journalism may hold the key to the future of journalism as we know it.

– C



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