Forming Relationships Online – the Value of Social Networking Sites

Following class discussions this week on online dating and how we construct our relationships online, I felt inclined to write this blog post about how we build connections with others through social networking sites.

While I was reflecting of these topics, it came to my attention that many of the close-friendships I have formed over the last several years have all initiated through social media. Pondering this while I waited for my (very late) bus to arrive, I also began to realise how many of us may forget how fortunate we are to be able to have these communication tools in our lives- our relationships with others are so readily accessible 24/7 with just the click of a button.

(Above Tweet embedded from my Twitter)

In 2016 and with the progression of technology, I believe that most of us have established an online relationship with at least one (or even a group) of individuals. Whether that be a relationship with a significant other or just a friend that you’ve met through mutual interests, social networking sites have altered the way in which we interact with one another.

The connections that we make through these platforms aren’t necessarily for romantic purposes either. Whilst social networking and its place in long distance relationships has proven integral as an effective communication method for couples, it has also served as a brilliant platform for those meeting friends.

Tumblr is just one example of a social blogging platform allowing users to connect with others worldwide. The site allows for users to establish connections with other like-minded bloggers and even allows for the sending of direct messages.

Through platforms like Tumblr (and also Twitter) I have formed meaningful friendships with not only individuals within Australia, but also overseas.

Without social networking sites such as these, perhaps I would never have met these incredible individuals. Maybe we would have passed each other in the city one day without a second glance. One thing is for sure though- SNS is altering the way we form and maintain our relationships online.

Thanks for reading!

– C