Treat Yo Self…To a Look Inside My Current Shopping Wish List

Confessions of a shopaholic
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Hello, lovely readers.

So my blog has turned into a bit of a lifestyle blog of late, and I must say, I’m absolutely loving it!

Okay, so I’ve only written one post so far that I would categorise as semi-lifestyle. But hopefully, with the way things are travelling, you’re going to see more light-hearted content on Caffeinated Words, as well as my usual, more serious posts about U.S. Politics and digital media.

This week, I’d love to share something with you all that you may not know about me- I love to shop.


I don’t know if I’d go as far as saying I’m a shopaholic because as a very poor University student, I haven’t been for a good shop in a loooooong time.

But like most ladies, I have an extensive wishlist sitting in the back of my mind, of all the things I’d love to purchase if I won the lottery tomorrow (as well as paying off my Uni debt too).


I’ll be realistic- some of these items I may never have the chance to own, but a girl can dream, okay?

And sometimes you just have to treat yo self.

So without further ado, I give you my current shopping wishlist.

1. The North Face jacket 

I have been eyeing off one of these jackets since I first moved to Melbourne in 2015. It is a must-have wardrobe staple that I currently do not have *insert sad face here* that would keep me so warm and toasty during the city’s bitterly cold winter. Hopefully, luck will be on my side and this baby will go on sale soon.

2. Mimco medium pouch

I love handbags and purses. So far, in my twenty-some years of existence, I have (highly) likely accumulated more bags than you would believe. Mimco has become an addiction and it takes all my willpower to be brave and walk past without going in for a browse.

3. Burberry scarf

A preppy must have that costs a small fortune- one day, you shall be mine.

4. Nespresso coffee machine 

In case you don’t know already- I love coffee. I’m not sure if love is even the right word to use here because what I feel for this magical elixir is stronger than that. We go together like peanut butter and jelly; peas and carrots; Monica and Chandler. Caity and coffee- a match made in heaven. My blog is literally named after caffeine. Surprisingly, I do not yet own a coffee machine *cue gasps* but fingers crossed, that may change come July.


5. Gorman raincoats 

I blame my best friend for introducing me to Gorman. I love their raincoats and their vibrant patterned designs- they’re just so cheerful! I currently own one, but I have the itch to buy another…and another…and another…dammit. My excuse? It does rain a lot in Melbourne, therefore, each one is an investment. Hehe.

6. Kanken bag

What did I tell you? I’m obsessed with bags. Handbags, backpacks, purses- bags are my weakness. I was that kid in school that had to have a new pencil case at the start of every term- my parents dreaded taking me stationery shopping. These bags are everywhere, and I have been eyeing them off for a good couple of years now because they are quite pricey for a backpack and I can’t decide on which colour I like best (at the moment it’s either sky blue, navy or purple).

7. S’well drink bottle

These drink bottles are soooo cute! They come in so many colours too! Staying hydrated is important, so why not do it in style?


8. Adidas Superstars

I am, what you would call, a ‘basic bitch’ when it comes to fashion. I must have the staples, and these Adidas Superstars are currently sitting near the top of my wishlist. The only trouble is that I’m chasing down a pair with rose gold stripes which appear to be sold out everywhere I look. Fingers crossed that I find a pair soon.

9. Bose SoundLink speaker

Bose speakers are amazing, period. My brother has one of the more hi-tech ones and I steal it from him constantly. It’s probably time I buy one of my own…

10. Airfares 

I want to travel more than anything else right now. The second I have enough money and have finished my degree, I want to go. I have so many places I want to visit right now. I’d love to travel to Europe and explore multiple countries (but especially France). I want to go to England and to Japan. I also really, really want to go to Canada and back to the States and visit a lot of the places we didn’t get a chance to back in 2015 when my family visited. I’d love to go to Seattle, WA and Massachusetts to Cambridge, Boston and Salem…and of course, I’d love to go back to the city that holds my heart just as much as Melbourne- NYC.

Thanks for reading 🙂

And if you’re like me and currently swamped with Uni assignments, I feel you. Stay caffeinated and you will get through this.

– C x